You must check-in at the terminal, 90 min. prior your reservation´s departure time.


Reservations apply for LEVEL 1 cars, under 5.50 m length and 1.90 m height, and travel on the designated deck for family cars.


On the day of the crossing, it is necessary for the vehicles to be present at the crossing dock 90 minutes before the ship’s departure.

Vehicle registration closes 50 minutes before departure time.

If the reserved vehicle arrives after the stipulated time, they will not be able to cross on the reservation time and will be subject to available space and waiting list. No shows will not be reimbursed.

Vehicles with a reservation will travel on the deck designated for family cars. Therefore, their dimensions may not exceed 5.5 m in length or 1.90 m in height.

If the vehicle exceeds the dimensions declared in the reservation, and therefore cannot enter the designated area, the reservation will be canceled. The difference must be charged for the excess of dimensions and the reservation will be lost, leaving the trip subject to space in subsequent routes.

In order to register, it is mandatory to present the reservation confirmation coupon, with the correct data corresponding to the vehicle and the passengers that will travel.

The cost of transportation includes only the driver. At the time of booking, the payment of additional passengers in the amount of $60 pesos per person must be included. Children pay full rate from 11 years old. Childern under 11 years old, do not pay.

The limit of passengers on board the car is the one marked by the car’s registration card.

Reservations are not subject to cancellation or refund. In case of no-show on the day and time of the reserved departure or if the passenger arrives late after the closing of the registration hours, the reservation will be canceled and will not be valid for another time or date. Reservations are not subjet to cancellation or refund.

Any change of itinerary must be made with a minimum of 24 hours before the reserved departure time and will be subject to space and written confirmation. Any change within these 24 hours is subject to a 50% charge on the rate and to space availability.

Changes must be made from MONDAY to FRIDAY from 9 a.m. at 4 p.m., and at least 24 hours in advance of the desired departure in your change. (In case you want to change your trip for Saturday, Sunday or Monday, you have no later than Friday to make the change).

Reservations are personal and non-transferable and are valid only for the route scheduled and reserved date. Ultramar Carga may request passenger and vehicle identification at any time.

Hours are subject to change without prior notice.

All routes are subject to eventualities, delays and cancellations caused by weather conditions and other causes beyond our operation.

In case of cancellations due to natural phenomena, the reservation will be changed. These changes must be made within one week after activities resume (business days). After a week of having resumed activities, the change can no longer be made and no refunds will be made.

In case of travelling with pets, they must be on a leash and the passenger must remain with them throughout the trip in the designated areas.
The passenger will be responsible for their pet and for any event or consequence of the actions of the animals.